Heart, soul and success

Offering powerful 1-on-1 sessions as well as authentic group workshops, Cindy assists with building capacities, creating structures and workflows, determining priorities, setting goals and defining strategies, aligning employees to the mission of your organisation. She can also assist with setting up business models and business processes.

Who would benefit from working with Cindy?

  • Owners and managers of heart-based, eco-friendly and conscious businesses
  • Corporates searching to become more heart-based 
  • Corporates needing support with culture changes
  • People looking to start or expand their businesses
  • People working in the non-profit sector
  • Business people who are looking to make the world a better place!


Creating connection and helping you live with purpose

Cindy offers a limited number of life coaching sessions per week. Working 1-on-1, these sessions help you to break through the chains that we create for ourselves and offer you support on the journey through life.

Through coaching, Cindy:

  • Supports you through life changes and transitions
  • Helps you define your goals
  • Assists you in getting rid of limiting beliefs
  • Supports you in creating a new belief system that aligns with your goals and your life purpose
  • Supports you in achieving your goals 
  • Assists you creating a plan to motivate you and assist you in avoiding procrastination 
  • Supports you as you work through boundaries and helps you build stronger relationships with family, friends and co-workers