I am a trained psychic/medium and an accredited healer with the College of Psychic Studies and have ongoing coaching from Sue Allen in the UK.  I practice in Muizenberg and do home visits and healing on request. I can offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments with sessions lasting an hour. My fee ranges from R300 - R500


I am a spiritual healer and work as a facilitator by channelling universal energy to the aura and energy systems of body, with the intention of clearing lower energy and bringing the energy system into balance. This may include cord cutting to others, balancing chakras and releasing pain


I work both as a psychic and a medium and will endeavour to bring though people that have passed over. To bring messages of healing and insight. As well as receiving messages from spirit as to "what the client needs to know at that moment in time"

House and Office clearing

I am able to pick up any energies which are not meant to be in your home or work area and safely remove them to create a better living or working environment.


  • Workshops
    Workshops will be held in association with the School of Intuition and Healing in the UK
  • Courses
    Courses will be held in association with the School of Intuition and Healing in the UK
  • Awareness group
    I currently do two spiritual psychic & medium awareness groups in the Northern and Southern suburbs. One requires an interview and joining depends on availability of space.

Demonstrations & Talks

I currently do mediumship demonstrations in spiritual centres and churches in Cape Town